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Free Internet Speed Test

Reasons why your Internet Speed might decrease?

Slow internet speeds are the bane of the modern man. If the question “why is my internet so slow” is one thing you often ask, you’re not alone. After all, internet access is now a basic human right. So you deserve to at least have access to respectable speeds, yes? But alas, that is not the case as with every.

This guide aims to try and explain what happens when your internet starts to crawl. Read on to know which things you can do for both desktop and mobile connections. Whether it’s mobile data, WiFi, or LAN, let’s try to figure out what happens.

There are several reasons why your internet speed would all of a suddenly drop. Most of the time, it would just suddenly happen out of the blue. Picture this: you’re enjoying blazing download speeds on Steam one day. That 15 GB game? Should only take a few minutes, according to the Steam download manager… But then, it just suddenly starts dropping. It drops down to 15Mbps, then it drops further down to 10Mbs, 5Mbs, 2Mbs, and even end up dropping down to a disgraceful speed of a kilobytes/second speed.

There are a variety of different reasons that can cause sudden drops of internet speeds. Here are some of those reasons and how they can affect your overall internet experience.

ISP Issues

Your internet service provider might be the culprit responsible. Most of the time you order a internet dsl or fibre service your ISP supplies the Router you would be using as part of 12 or 24 month contract signing bonus. It’s natural to assume that the modems they install are really standard basic entry level routers and hardware. There are tons of better and higher quality Routers that you would be able to order on Takalot or even buy in one of many Computer Stores today.

Bad modems are something you can expect from ISPs. The Majority of the time the ISP’s technicians would install a router as fast as possible without taking the time to properly configure your wireless network and simply make sure you know what the password is to connect. Why? Simple. They have a lot of installations to complete each and every day and aside from that they wouldnt get paid any extra for taking the time in properly configuring your wireless network at all. However, there are a few of them that would actually take the time to properly configure your network for you.

Have a look at your modem and if you have another one, give it a try to ensure that your router isn’t the main cause of the problem.

Your internet plan might not be fast enough to handle all of your wired and wireless networks all the time, especially during peak times at your home. Do you still have ADSL or have you switched over to Fibre already? Hopefully you are not still on telkoms adsl? If you are, consider upgrading to fibre if you can or consider LTE or Wireless Internet if Fibre isn’t a option in your area. It’s no longer the beginning of the 20th century anymore. If you still have ADSL consider switching over to anything else, then figure out which plan or package would be the best for your household. The rule of thumb is simple: fiber offers the best and fastests speeds, followed by LTE-A, Followed by LTE, and at the end the slowest type of internet you could have would be ADSL or DSL as some companies refers to it. Find out which type of internet you have before considering to upgrade.