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HB IT Solutions is a small IT Solutions company. It is a locally owned Business and operated by its two co-founding members. The two members are Herman Bartie and Bevan Bester.

The company only started off as a dream. Herman saw the need for an IT company that delivers honest work, quality service and goes the extra mile for all of its clients. He knew exactly what needed to be done. He had to start a company that does not only solve a problem, but one that also prevents various other problems when noticed instead of simply sticking to the task at hand. Together they started a company that always goes the extra mile in every way possible for all its clients.

HB IT Solutions takes a more personalized approach and connects with its clients, because all clients have different needs. Herman and Bevan have built a rock-solid reputation for perfection and excellent quality of service. They have also achieved an excellent high-level customer satisfaction rate by providing the best possible service and solution each and every time.

What we do

For nearly a decade we have been assisting a variety of customers with our experience in computing.

Our client’s range all over South Africa from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The majority of our clients by far are all based in the Western Cape.

We believe in resolving problems as fast and as thorough as possible without any exceptions.

it support  cape town, computer repair, laptop repair , iMac repairs , MacBook Repairs

HB IT Solutions has been helping SME companies in running their businesses easier and more profitable for the last 9 years. We know how important it is for businesses to avoid ‘system downtime’ due to software or hardware related problems.

We can offer you the IT support you need to keep your computers and systems up and running to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Contact us to find out more about how we are able to assist you.

“Prevention has always been better and less expensive rather than having to cure”

HB IT Solutions
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